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How to Prepare for Your Mobile Appointment

How to Prepare Before Your Appointment

  1. You must have at least 3 bundles of un-used hair extensions (4 bundles are recommended for bundles longer than 18 inches)
  2. For a traditional sew-in the client must leave some natural hair out.
  3. For a sew-in with a closure or frontal you must have an unused closure or frontal 
  4. Hair must be freshly washed and completely dried before your appointment
  5. Natural hair must be long enough for a braided foundation for the hair extensions
  6. There must be an area for the stylist to perform the work with a chair near an outlet
  7. All pets must be secured and away from the designated work area as some of our stylist may be afraid of pets or allergic to pets

NOTE: Hair extensions can be purchased HERE and mailed to you before your appointment. (Hair has to be ordered at least a week in advance of your appointment)