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Hair Confidence!

Hair extensions aren't just hair extensions.... At Impromptu we give our customers self-confidence one hair extensions at a time! Your hair is one of the most important elements to your self-confidence and that's why we're in business. 

"Confidence is the art of having great hair"

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About Impromptu Hair Extensions

Impromptu is a mobile hair extension installation service that provide professional hair stylists directly to our clients’ door, we come wherever you are! Our goal is to save busy women time by eliminating the dreaded salon wait and providing a personalized 1-on-1 beauty experience. Our services are perfect for the everyday woman, working moms, brides, women celebrating a special event, corporate professionals, socialites, celebrities, women new to Houston, and jet-setters visiting the city. 

Our official launch is in Houston, TX Summer 2018 - Get Ready!

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