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Here's what our Doll's are saying...

I love the hair. I bought the bundles in November and I still have them in now. The hair doesn't tangle or matte up and holds curls perfectly!

Arie Doll

Here's what our Doll's are saying...

People constantly compliment me on the texture and how good my hair looks!

Dae'Janee Doll

Here's what our Doll's are saying...

This is the best deep wave hair I’ve ever received! The hair is very light and bouncy. It’s super low maintenance (which I loveeeeeee). You can add products to this hair if you decide to, but you could just honestly spritz water on it and go. I experienced NO shedding. The curl definition is amazing. It’s not too tight, or too loose. I would definitely recommend this hair if you’re looking for a fun, low maintenance look❤️

Bliss Doll

Here's what our Doll's are saying...

My go to hair company!
My first order was wavy hair and I must say I’m impressed with the hair quality. I had a wig made, its full and still looking good. I can’t wait to try the kinky hair!

Jameela Doll

Self-Confidence is Why We're in Business

Hair extensions aren't just hair extensions.... everyone deserves to be confidently beautiful!  At Impromptu we give our customers self-confidence 1 hair extension at a time! Your hair is one of the most important elements to your self-confidence and that's why we're in business. 

"Confidence is the art of having great hair"

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